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Nintendo didn’t include the option for same-sex couples in bizarre sim Tomodachi Life, but there is a workaround — of sorts. Tomodachi Life, due out on 6 June, is a 3DS simulator game where you have to take care of a town full of Miis. Developer Nintendo garnered the ire of fans when it was noted that the game would not allow Miis of the same gender to fall in love with each other. Nintendo has since apologised and said that it would endeavour to be more inclusive in future iterations of the game — but that it could not alter the current game. However, there is a way — an imperfect way, but a way nevertheless — to make it happen. You see, the in-game Mii creator allows you to put any features, personality, clothing and voice on your Mii. So, say, starting with a male Mii, you can add a female hairstyle, facial features, makeup, name and voice, and dress her in female clothing from the clothing store. Meet Jessi. Note the gender field on the bottom screen. For all practical purposes in the game — that is, falling in love, getting married, having babies — Jessi will be attracted to female Miis.

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Tomodachi Life is a Mii-based game for the 3DS, where crude, big-headed the name) engage in various gamified family friendly pursuits: shopping, dating, sports, etc. Have a tip we should know? [email protected]

Tomodachi Life is an amazing virtual world where your Miis can eat, play, work, have arguments, make friends — and fall in love! The below guide will outline what input is needed from you for Miis to fall in love, stay together, get married and even have Mii-babies. Should they be romantic, desperate, impressive? Should they get changed first?

Sometimes they might ask for your opinion on the relationship, or have a fight. Their Happiness level will sink and they will be wallowing in misery until you cheer them up — using foods, baths, toys, gifts. What seems to be a surefire way of cheering them up is a Travel Ticket, but those seem to be somewhat rare, so use carefully!

They will say they want to propose. Once again you can help them out by choosing the setting, etc. They will also ask for even more help — to let them know when their partner is thinking of them.

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Tomodachi Life was, by all means, a weird, weird success. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t seen much love from Nintendo since the release of the Nintendo Switch. The game seems like it should be a simple transition onto the portable home console, as it’s similar to Animal Crossing with its daily tasks and relatively self-propelling characters.

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So on my twelfth day of playing Tomodachi Life, I have managed to get all six of my intended couples married. For starters, children can only date children, and adults can only date adults. Children and adults who switch their age status by using the Kid-O-Matic or Adult-O-Matic items can then date within their new age group. You cannot control when when your Miis become friends, but you can control who your Miis becomes friends with.

This is important when setting up relationships. Say you have an adult female that you want to pair with an adult male.


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One of the first things that you’re told in Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s newest life-sim for the 3DS, is that characters in the game can have babies. Specifically, it’ll take your first imported Mii, and it’ll show them holding a baby with a faceless person of the opposite gender. That was one of the first things I saw in the game: me, holding a baby, next to a faceless dude. It was It felt forced. It’s also a perfect introduction to the game, in a way. I’ve spent the last week playing Tomodachi Life, putting in around seven hours so far.

Most of the game focuses on people. In my case, it’s friends that I know in real life, as I’ve only imported folks that I’ve actually met. With the exception of Miyamoto. It’s kind of hard to pass up the opportunity to play a game where you can be neighbors with a legendary game designer.

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There’s something quite nineties about Tomodachi Life. As a life sim game sequel to the Japanese game Tomodachi Collection , it’s similar to both The Sims and Animal Crossing but it’s also quite stripped back, like having a collection of Tamagotchis based on your friends. After taking control of your island, you firstly create or import your own Mii which remains separate from the real ‘you’ throughout the game , and then either import friends’ Miis or create new ones.

The aim is to keep them happy and encourage friendships, and while simple, it’s also quite charming. If you have ever fancied yourself as a match maker, Tomodachi Life is perfect. While you can’t control who falls for who, when they’ve spent more time together you can advise whether you think it’d work, and then set up the perfect scenario for them to reveal their feelings.

Wait; it’s not “Tamagotchi” Life? Nope. The name of Bandai’s classic virtual pet was a portmanteau that translates roughly to English as something.

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Nintendo responds to marriage equality campaign for its bizarre life-sim

In TL , players populate their personalized island with Miis, which they create from scratch, or transfer from Mii Maker. Much like The Sims , players are encouraged to make Miis of their friends and loved ones to make the experience far more personal and engaging. Next comes the most critical factor determining how a Mii will get along with the other islanders: personality. There are four basic personality types, each with 4 sub-types, making sixteen unique personalities in all.

Tomodachi Life is all about the interactions and relationships between an island full of Miis, and as two characters’ dating progresses they’ll.

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