BSM: You get a boyfriend while he’s on tour (Requested)

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She feels cold, uncomfortable, and lonely as she lays tiredly in her queen bed. She had called Harry ten minutes ago, whining like a little girl, begging him to sneak in so he can hold her against him. At first, she was used to spending nights without Harry. But in between those unforgettable nights, she was content enough to sleep by herself.

Harry let out a slight chuckle, slowly sitting up so that his bare back rests gently against the headboard. I need you.

One Direction Imagines He’s sweet and romantic and he treats you right and it’s the best feeling in the [] – Harry is dating your sister.

Heres some things you should know: 1. With who!? But you shook your head. You guys could be meeting serial killers for all I know! You giggled. You rolled your eyes and prepared yourself for some kind of huge brotherly lecture. You nodded, kissed his cheek, and thanked him before quickly heading out the door. His curly brown locks were brushed in front of his face in a way in which you could only really see his green eyes peeking through his tangled mane. You quickly tried to change the subject.

What exactly did he say?! Well I have to leave but be careful, use protection ok, are you on the pill? I knew it! I knew something was going on!

The Tweets To Louis Tomlinson After His Sister Felicite’s Death Send Love & Support

Due to the fact that your Mom and Anne were best friends, you grew up with Harry and Gemma. All three of you were super close and still are to this day. You were there to support him in the X Factor days and once One Direction were making it big, you would visit him on tour.

One Direction, Janoskians, 5SOS imagines/fanfics/preferences. You can request a boy in the ask – not really taking personal requests right now because I’m busy.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The boys have all gone in different … directions … since their indefinite hiatus in Some are better than others. A decade — yes, a decade — ago, a teenage boy band by the name of One Direction was formed.

And thus, One Direction was born. While the group only placed third on The X Factor , their time on the reality show was just the beginning of their global takeover. Over a span of five years, the group released five albums, did four world tours, broke numerous Billboard music records including ones previously only held by the Beatles , recorded a documentary , and even released a perfume.

At the same time, the five members also became the basis of adolescent crushes and fervor for many years to come. Thanks to their individual quirks and calculated branding ploys , each boy quickly became an archetype for a different high school crush: Niall was the adorable friend, Harry the artistic boy next door. Zayn was quietly mysterious, while Liam was extroverted and jockish. And Louis? Hmm, well — Louis was also there.

Preference #131: He’s your brother and you’re secretly dating another band member

The Vamps: Vital facts you need to know about the ‘All Night’ stars. Justin Bieber: 22 facts you might not know about the ‘No Brainer’ hitmaker. Harry Styles is one-fifth of the biggest boybands in the world – One Direction. Although the band are currently on hiatus as of , each of the 1D members – Harry, along with Zayn Malik , Niall Horan , Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – have all gone on to have hugely successful solo careers, all being ranked in the Top 10 of heat’s Rich List.

When it comes to his music, he has released his fantastic album ‘ Fine Line ‘ and plenty of popular singles including ‘ Falling ‘ and ‘ Watermelon Sugar ‘, as well as lending his voice to a bedtime story in the Calm app.

We are a blog dedicated to One Direction, and writing One Shots, Imagines, and doing outfit “He’s a keeper, we all love him. You and Zayn had been dating for about 2 years, when your family invited you to Thanksgiving They stared at him curiously as Louis helped your little sister to sit on the bench next to him.

Just what goes on inside a Directioner’s brain? We factcheck the fan-fiction. There’s no denying that One Direction fans are exceptionally devoted to their fandom. We love them, we really do, especially when they let their imaginations run wild. You can find many fantasies and fan stories about One Direction on the imagine tag on Twitter and Tumblr – used by Directioners, Beliebers and other devoted teen fandoms to share their fantasies. Some of the fantasies are what you’d expect.

Some of them are so statistically unlikely we decided to run a quick factcheck on them. Here are six popular but statistically-unlikely One Direction fantasies. We’re not sure why 1D fans keep bringing up surgery a lot – maybe they’re all keen medical students. But if they are, they have a lot to learn. For a start, that is not how heart transplants work. Even in the dystopian world where that might be done, the chances that ‘you’ would be able to “run” after heart transplant surgery?

Pretty much nil.

One Direction

He gets jealous Harry. Personal imagine for Tamara Harry. Personal imagine for Matty Harry. Personal imagine for Nera Harry.

Harry asks, a playful smirk forming across his lips as he spots the multiple bags Having seen you talking to his sister, Louis pulls you aside to quietly inquire, “​What were you guys talking about? “Did one of you do something to them? LIAM: You and Liam have been dating for a while, and he’s made it.

You started dating a few days after Harry left, and he became your boyfriend. You were over at his place, playing video games and eating pizza in your pajamas together, when Harry decided to Facetime you. Your boyfriend motioned that he was gonna get something to drink and you mouthed water back at him while Harry was telling a story.

Are you listening? But your brother was smart. You slapped your forehead.

Harry Styles: Fun facts about the One Direction singer

Zayn You and Zayn actually wanted to stay at his place, alone, just cuddling and watching some movies, but the lads came over. Zayn looks at you for a moment. This should be your day, not another weekend clubbing. You only nod at him. Then he looks at the lads again. The lads say goodbye and leave.

One Direction Preferences – Management Hires You to Date Him Harry Styles sparks rumours he’s dating aspiring model Kara Rose Marshall. after pair BSM: brother sister moment DDM: daddy daughter moment might also include the what would you do if you were 18 years old and your parents arranged a marriage.

Note [request] For version 1 see preference Harry The bartender places a fancy cocktail on the bar in front of you, and you look up at him in confusion, “I, uh, I didn’t order that,”. The barman shakes his head, pointing a few bar stools down the bar, “No, that gentleman there bought it for you,”. Your gaze lands on the curly haired boy who waves slightly when he catches you looking over, and you find yourself grinning and waving back.

He gets up and moves so he’s on the seat next to you, “I’m Harry,”. You nod, you knew exactly who he was.

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I felt so much weight in terms of not getting things wrong. I remember when I signed my record deal and I asked my manager, ‘What happens if I get arrested? Does it mean the contract is null and void? If he ever makes a mistake, surely we’ll hear about it, but until then, these are 26 essential things to know about birthday boy Harry Edward Styles:. Harry Edward Styles was born on Feb.

He has an older sister named Gemma, who was born in “He’s certainly not shy about himself,” Anne told Now magazine about her son in After One Direction won The X Factor, in Harry publicly set his.

Liam: You were living with your sister and her boyfriend, Liam. Your parents had gone on a year long trip and you would rather stay with her than go with them. You were sitting on the couch watching a scary movie. Your sister walked in and you screamed. She laughed and walked off. Liam walked in and sat down on the couch opposite of you. You hated it when he was right. So you refused to let him be right. What do you think? Boom, you had just been shot down by the boyfriend and it sucked.

You hated when people messed with your hair.

Harry Styles Twin Sister (Story in Wattpad)